Søsterkirkene, Hadeland

Today I have visited Søsterkirkene – Sister churches – in Gran at Hadeland in Oppland county. (Norway).

Søsterkirkene are two medieval stone churches located side by side. The largest church is called Nicolaikirken, and the smaller is called Mary Church. Nikolaikirken is called after the bishop Nikolaus of Bari, the patron saint of the traveler, and the Mary Church after Jesus’ mother. The two churches of Granavollen are an impressive landmark high and free over the village, and have a mysterious history.

Today, only at Granavollen we find two medieval churches so close to the same cemetery in Norway. Granavollen has been a gathering place through the centuries, both in the pre-Christian and Christian times. One of the oldest discoveries of Christian times here is a runestone from the 9th century. 

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An August day by the sea

Blue sea agaist blue sky

These pictures are from the Southern coast of Norway yesterday. It was a beautiful day by the coast. It is early autumn and the colors begin to get strong and clear. It was peaceful and quiet.

Sea and rock formation
A three by the coast. Picture from Saltrø, Tvedestrand.
View of Lyngørfjorden early Autumn
Blooming heather

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A great day in the mountains

It is beautiful in the Norwegian mountains at this time of the year. The air is fresh and the tempetatures are mostly comfortable.

These pictures are from the mountains of Nord Gudbrandsdal in Sel municipality, and some of them show the views of the magnificent mountain areas Rondane and Dovrefjell.

It was a great day in the mountains yesterday. A little alternating weather, but nice conditions for hiking.

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Visiting Maihaugen – open-air museum in Lillehammer, Norway

I have been out and photographed with my cell phone again.  Today I visited Maihaugen Open Air Museum in my old hometown, Lillehammer, Norway.

Maihaugen at Lillehammer is one of the largest and oldest open-air museums in Europe. Maihaugen is a living museum offering cultural experiences and family activities. The Museum at Lillehammer is probably best known for the houses in the Rural section. The many sunburned buildings were the homes of farmers, craftsmen and local officials. Here you meet the culture and the way of life of the old farming community. Read more: Maihaugen

Water lilies on a pond. Garmo kirke (church) in the background
From the rural area of the museum
A small wheat field at the museum
The interior of an old farmhouse – ca 1890
The barn
Hey you – just wanted to say hello!
Hello, you too!
The store house (stabbur) at the farm
An exciting walking play for the children
A horse with the name Bronen
Outside the church in the old farming community
Water lilies
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Pictures from Arendal, Norway 

Fishing boat and church, Arendal Norway

In many places in Norway you can buy fresh fish and shellfish directly from boats coming to pier. The boats arrive early in the morning and stay until the catch is sold. Bestseller at the southern coast of Norway is fresh shrimp.

These pictures are from Arendal, Norway, today.

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Fisherman sells fresh shellfish in the pier of Arendal, Norway
Buying fresh shellfish directly from the boat
View over the sea
Crabs for sale

Füssen, Germany #2

Amazing view

On our visit to Füssen we also went to Schwangau nearby, to go for a walk up to the castle Neuschwanstein

Neuschwanstein was built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria, in the period 1869 – 1884. Neuschwanstein is the most famous of the castles Ludwig II built and is an important tourist attraction.

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Family looking at the view
Son looking through telescope binoculars at the landscape
Castle Neuschwanstein
Castle Neuschwanstein
Castle Neuschwanstein